Should My Furnace Fan Run Continuously?

Many people wonder if it’s okay to continuously run their furnace fan and whether it can be beneficial or harmful to their system. Below is a list of benefits indicating why you may want to continuously run your furnace fan.

Benefits of Running the Furnace Fan Continuously

A very familiar question many people ask is, “should I run my furnace fan continuously?” The main advantage of continuously running the furnace is that you will have a better circulation of your home’s heated or cooled air. Since heat rises, the upper portions of your home will tend to be warmer than the lower levels. Running your fan continuously will even out the temperatures all-around your home.

Another great benefit is for those who have or have family members with, asthma, allergies, or other respiratory disorders. Installing an air cleaner is helpful for these homes, and continuous furnace fan operation will improve the quality of the air.

Cons of a Constant Run


One main drawback of running your furnace fan continuously is you may experience a slight rise in electric bills. However, if you have furnaces with high-efficiency motors, you may not notice an increase in your bill. In fact, running the furnace fan constantly may even save you money since having even temperatures throughout your home may result in the heat or air conditioner running less.

Will Running My Furnace Fan Continuously Cause it to Break Down Sooner?

Since these fan systems were designed to run consistently, they won’t break down sooner.

When is it not Good to Run the Furnace Fan Continuously?

There are a few cases where running your furnace fan constantly is not a good idea. For example, if your ductwork is in the attic or if you have leaky ductwork since this can damage your system.

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