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HVAC Installation in Houston, TX

If you are building a new property or renovating, it’s time to start thinking about your heating and cooling needs. An HVAC system should take the design of the building into account to ensure that you get maximum efficiency in every room and area. Whatever the need, Mirtron has a solution for residential and commercial customers. We are here to help ensure that your project is completed with as little fuss as possible and at a price you can afford.

It is our promise to approach every job with enthusiasm and energy, leaving you in no doubt that the installation or replacement of your heating and cooling systems is in the best hands possible. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to their craft. We value providing solutions that are designed to last and stand the test of time.

New Construction

New Construction in Katy, Cypress or Houston

At Mirtron, we are a trusted provider of new construction systems for effective heating and cooling in Houston and surrounding areas. Our company owners have lived in Katy and Cypress respectively for over two decades, giving them a unique insight into the needs of local communities and businesses. We understand that new HVAC systems need to incorporate with increasingly complex building designs, which is a challenge we are more than happy to accept.

Our team will work closely with you throughout the construction of new HVAC systems to ensure the specifications meet the needs of your design. It is important to Mirtron that every detail is driven toward creating an efficient system that maximizes output at a reduced cost. We appreciate that paying for the construction of heating and cooling systems may present challenges, which is one of the reasons we offer financing options to all customers.

HVAC installation in houston texas

Replacing Heating or Cooling Systems in Cypress, TX

If your heating and cooling systems are old or simply not fit for purpose due to renovations, Mirtron is on hand to offer effective replacement options. There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when replacing HVAC systems in order to ensure that customers receive quality for money. Mirtron has the experience and innovation to exceed your expectations. We will work to your timeline and make sure the job is completed without leaving a mess.

As a company that is local and dedicated to serving the people of Katy, Cypress and Houston, Mirtron is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience in every aspect of what we do. That means from initial contact to completion, you can expect professionalism and excellence in customer care. In fact, we go one step further by continuing to offer support to all customers long after your HVAC system has been replaced through maintenance and repair.


Efficiency Through HVAC Design

At Mirtron, we enjoy the challenges that each new HVAC system construction or replacement brings to the table. Our team is equipped and ready to help you overcome any hurdles that your building design may present. Heating and cooling systems should never be compromised due to innovation in construction, which is why Mirtron is always committed to expanding our knowledge of standards and codes used in building and renovation. This is your dream project and we appreciate how much time, money and stress you have personally committed to ensuring every detail is perfect. That is why it is our aim to ensure we play an integral part in bringing your vision to life through the installation or replacement using efficient design.

Once your newly constructed or replacement heating and cooling systems are installed, we want you to benefit from the full range of features available. Mirtron is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide education on how to get the most from any HVAC system. We also provide a regularly scheduled maintenance service that we recommend to all customers.

Maintaining heating and cooling systems is essential in helping components stand the test of time. When your HVAC systems are regularly checked, it helps prevent small problems from becoming major repair issues. Maintenance also keeps your refrigerant topped off, filters cleaned, and helps maintain high quality air being circulated around your home or business premises.