Safety Guide for Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Oil filled radiator heater are used by homeowners to heat individual rooms or small homes. These radiator-shaped heaters are filled with a special oil and have heating elements that gently heat and circulate the oil through the radiator chambers, giving you the desired warmth.

While with all the goodwill of oil heaters, there are some risks involved with its use. But it’s always possible to minimize the risks by following the safety measures. Here are the most important oil filled heater safety tips that are quite easy to follow:

6 Safety Tips for Oil Filled Heater

Be careful of the wiring

Never use any kind of extension wiring that cannot bear the required load of the radiator. The overheating of wires can lead to fire accidents. Therefore, try to use only rated material and choose hardwired systems that can handle the load.

Use Internal Mechanisms

Always rely on thermostats and internal mechanisms of the radiators themselves. Choosing to leverage some external tools or technology, you run the risk of overheating.

Keep it away from kids

If your radiator has caster wheels, please tie it safely to a place before letting kids anywhere near them. It is best to use stationary systems to avoid ugly situations.

Pets and kids also need protection from accidentally touching the radiator’s hot surface. Many oil radiators come with a guard, but some don’t.

Check for overheat protection switches

While these radiators are generally safe, it’s best to check if they have some kind of overheat protection that automatically turns it off if anything happens to the heater.

Keep it far from combustible material

Although oil filled radiator heater don’t glow red like other heaters, they still can get very hot. Keep the heater many feet away from all combustible material, such as walls, furniture, and draperies.

Setup good ventilation 

Manufacturers warn against keeping these oil-filled heaters in damp places with poor ventilation. If your chosen heater is safe for use in bathrooms, keep it away from water sources such as a shower or a sink.

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