Running an AC Without a Filter, is it Bad?

If you are thinking of running your AC without a filter for a long time, remember that it can prove to be damaging for the unit. The job of the filters is to remove the debris from the air on the inside take of the AC. It prevents dust and hair from accumulating on the fins of the air conditioner and clogging your drain. Therefore, do not try to run your AC without a filter, or you might end up with some potential problems such as:

Condensate Drain Problems

A condensate drain drains the condensation and moisture from your unit. Without a filter, it won’t be able to perform its job fully. This whole process starts with the condensate accumulation on the Freon tubing and then dripping down into a pan. The pan then drains outside of your home and helps your AC in dehumidifying the air inside. Without a filter, your drain can clog, causing water damage to your system.

Freon Tube Problems

An air conditioner pulls in air from your home and blows it across copper tubes that contain Freon. When you leave a bottle of cold water in a hot room, it accumulates condensation just like that; these tubes are consistently wet with the condensate from the air. With the absence of filters, blowing air across these fins will cause debris to stick to the condensate and coat your fins. This results in inefficient cooling and will cause your air conditioning system to work harder.

Air Quality Problems

Another issue with running an AC without a filter is the compromise on the indoor air quality. The air conditioner will stir up the dust in your home, leaving very little chance of the settlement of dust and debris. It will start the continuous cycle of sucking up into your intake, pumping back out your air vents, and will remain in the air until it clogs your unit.

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