HVAC evaporator coil

Gone are times when the air conditioner was just a luxury; today, this statement is not true. As the temperatures are soaring high, the HVAC unit is necessary to provide a pleasant atmosphere indoors. However, for effective functioning, it is required that all the parts are working smoothly; including the HVAC evaporator coil. The coil cools the indoor area in hot weather by exchanging hot air with cold ones. Any problems in this part will need repair or replacement, so regular maintenance of the HVAC is necessary.

How does an HVAC evaporator coil work?

It is a myth that the condenser in the outdoor unit is responsible for cooling the area; actually, it doesn’t. Its function is to suck the warm air from indoors and throw it outside. Without it, the HVAC won’t get rid of the warm air. The evaporator coil does the cooling work. It has copper tubes inside the unit, and these tubes are responsible for cooling the air as they hold the cold refrigerant. As the hot air comes in contact with the coil, it cools and is then released outside.

When do I need to replace my HVAC?

If HVAC is new, all the parts would work effectively and give excellent results. However, as time passes, the lives of these parts reduce. Furthermore, after a few years, the evaporator coil may start to erode and cause a refrigerant leak. The problem needs immediate checks by the professional HVAC repair personnel. After inspection only, the person can suggest whether to replace the coil or the entire unit. There are various considerations that the professional will keep into consideration while giving the best opinion.

Reasons for refrigerant leaks

A refrigerant leak is dangerous as it is a poisonous chemical, and breathing it causes severe complications and skin allergies. Thus, contacting a professional is necessary if any such problem occurs in the HVAC. Not only is it harmful to human health, but it also affects the ozone layer. Regular maintenance prevents refrigerant leaks from the unit. Few reasons responsible for the leakage include;

  • Use of an old coil. Every part of the unit has a particular life; beyond which it won’t perform. However, regular maintenance can expand the life of the evaporator coil for a few years.
  • Corrosion happens when the acidic compounds from the sprays and cleaners come in contact with the coil.
  • The dirt and debris that collect on the coil cause damage over time. Little dirt won’t harm, but as more compiles, air penetration becomes difficult, affecting the unit’s overall performance.
  • Further damage occurs due to unknown accidents or in case of vibrations if the unit moves from one place to another.

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